How do you fix a floor drain?

These pictures are from the floor drain in the public rest room of my buddies auto shop. As you can see the drain cover is simply resting on the drain and is not secured. The problem of securing it appears to be the cast iron has degraded to the point that it would be difficult if not impossible to screw the cover in. (The tiles can be trimmed back farther. They were left this way to give this “cover” something to actually sit on.)

Are any of you aware of a procedure or product that could be used to repair this? I’m sure he’d rather not jack hammer out the drain?

I would try a bottom tap make a new set of threads and go to the next size up screw.

…or maybe, drill out the hole and use a plastic or lead anchor to screw into.

Clean it up. Try tapping it in a different spot. If it is all corroded and won’t hold no choice but to break the floor.

I would just clean it up as much as I possibly can and simply epoxy it back on.

I would use a telephone:D

Although, I agree with Bruce I would clean it and tap in new holes. I’ve done it.