How do you get a moose 50 feet in the air by accident?

Sent to me by email. Some may have already seen this. Just sharing with everyone else.

The power lines were strung on the ground for miles prior to being set in place at the top of the poles. The moose some how got his antlers tangled in a line on the ground. (wrong place at the wrong time :roll:) When the men (miles away) started to pull the lines up with their equipment,… he went too. They couldn’t get the lines right and went searching for the problem. He was still alive when they lowered him, but he had to be put down later, because he was in great distress. (No kidding :shock:)


it’s from 2004.

Poor Moose

:look-up: Where’s his squirrel buddy? Shouldn’t he be circling nearby?

You use a Moosa-polt…get it…Moose-a-polt…sign…sorry.:frowning:

Hey Rocky, watch me hang from the electric wires, ahh Bullwinkle that trick never works, this time for sure Rocky!!

Ooooooooooo Paul??? Bad,… bad,… bad! :mrgreen:

Sniffle…I feel so bad for the poor little moosie… :frowning:

lol…well it is the only way I know to get one up their…

…someone should have eaten that moose.

They did!

I’d have to say that moose are not the most intellectual members of our society!

When I lived in Alaska, I had more problems with moose than the Bears.
A moose will just about chase anything that moves! That includes the locomotives. I don’t know how many big red spots I found along the railroad!
You don’t hit moose with the car, they hit you!
I had to respond to a moose chasing an airplane in Anchorage one-day.

Hmmm…I have known a number of Moose in my time – as well as Lions, Eagles, Elks, and a few Rotarians. One seemed to be as intelligent as the other.:roll: