How do you get paid for WDO on VA loans?

I ask the listing agent to leave a check on the counter then email a paid invoice to all parties.

I use ISN along with as my merchant service. Payment link (invoice) in conformation email for inspections. My current method of invoicing the seller separately via a word doc invoice is rather crude in comparison.
Do any of y’all invoice & collect payment from the seller through ISN at the same time scheduling the general inspection?

I’m just looking to make a cleaner/convenient process for billing & collecting seller paid WDO inspections.
I appreciate your input & experiences!

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Are you licensed through the TDA Structural Pest Control Service? I did not see you listed as holding a license as an Apprentice, Applicator, Technician, etc.

If you are not licensed you need to be aware that TDA SPCB does have regulations prohibiting advertising/soliciting WDI/WDO inspection services, issuing contracts, charging and collecting fees for services, etc., unless you are licensed as one or more of the above.

You could have just checked my website instead of bothering to go searching for a SPCS license. It states that we coordinate a licensed 3rd party to perform this inspection during the time we are performing ours. The 3rd party company bills us monthly, we collect from each client at time of inspection, the fee we charge for the coordination. Even though not stated, we don’t mark up the service.

I am just looking for a way to integrate the separate invoicing of the seller with ISN when I schedule the inspection during VA loans.

While your response wasn’t at all helpful to my original question it has given birth to a couple new ones if you would be so inclined to help me with them.
Is the way I am doing this wrong?
If so, how should I go about coordinating & billing for WDI/WDI inspections?

According to the TDA SPCB you can not advertise services, arrange services, or collect payment for WDI/WDO inspection services. That was already stated in my post above. You are free all you want to refer a client to a licensed WDI/WDO Inspector and can even publish the referenced name on your site.

As for being helpful with your original question that is exactly what my response accomplished by being helpful! If you have any doubts about this you should contact TDA SPCB and ask them directly. TDA SPCB has already contacted Inspectors that advertise on their WEB site the way you currently do and in this post you have stated you perform all these functions except perform the actual inspection. Both are a field day for TDA SPCB if they so choose to pursue it.

Listen, I’m not interested in arguing. I learned my method from a few veteran inspectors here, whom have been operating this way for a long time & understand I may have learned incorrectly. Thank you for the help. I will call to learn how to comply. Don’t need trouble 1 month before starting my apprenticeship for a technician license.

Still interested in learning if anyone has figured out how to invoice 2 separate parties, for separate portions, out of 1 ISN order.

Who’s arguing?? You asked additional questions and I answered them. I can certainly care less about your views as arguing would be an attempt to try changing them. Instead I do care about consumers who might be handled illegally and improperly and provided you an education which you should already have.

Alright, thank you!

I personally would not over complicate the situation.
I bill my client for all services.
They can recover the seller paid portion at closing. or before.

Even more simple. I like it! Thanks!