how do you get rid of woody?

recent client called and has a woodpecker issue… contacted his favorite home inspector for advice… :cool:

I told him to shoot it… :shock:

but outside of that anyone had any success at driving away woody?

this one is neat:

but welcome all ideas I could pass along… :mrgreen:

I think about baseball stats in a cold shower.

Spank him.

What the :shock::shock::shock:? Imagine Hilary nekkid:p

Contact your doctor. That’s what the commercial says. If you have a woody for more than 4 hours… contact your doctor…:mrgreen:

I’m sure they would tell you to come in for “observation”:wink:

Robert, he asked how to get rid of woody, not how to vomit profusely until your stomach was lying on the floor flopping around like a fish out of water. :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife stated that she has decided that if a woody problem should occur after viva V, that we will wait 3 hours and 45 minutes and THEN call 911.

My bad :D:D:D:p

For a woody of over 4 hrs - no way am I calling a DR. - I am calling all my friends to brag


ten replies and not one legit :roll: some funny… but no legit

I suppose I would understand if this was in the humor section, but not in this section.

You could send this attachment to your previous client.

Shoot, shovel and shut up.

22 cal. bird shot…works great …quick effective and permanent…:wink:

REPELLENTS Mostly ineffective

  • Tanglefoot ( a non-toxic sticky compound available in most hardware and garden stores) can be placed on tar paper which has been tacked on to the structure where they are attacking. OR hardware cloth could also be tacked over it. However, the birds may just move further down.
  • Flashy objects (aluminum, mirrors), plastic snakes or owls, can be placed as a deterrent but they have to be moved several times per week.


  • They are federally protected birds. Lethal methods are illegal. Woodpeckers “attack” a home for several reasons:
  • they may bang against wood or metal as a sounding board to intimidate other wood peckers
  • if they are making many small holes (1/4 inch) in wood, they are probably seeking insects.
  • if they are making large holes (3 inches or greater) they may be making a nest
  • If they are damaging wood, contact a carpenter to see if the wood is sound. Decayed wood is great for bugs and for nesting. Replace wood.
  • Refinishing and coating the wood with paint may help. Bird netting or wire mesh could temporarily be placed between the eaves and the wall to keep them out of a certain area.

or get a red hawk

They make owl statues that work for awhile until the wood peckers notice that the owls do not move. But it usually takes a few months for them to catch on. Then you got to move the owls in different locations.

That’s what I used on a log home I built…a couple of $10 plastic owls…and it worked great.

thanks for the input guys… I’ve forwarded a lot of it on to the client to let them battle it out with the birds.

Try this site;