How do you handle a home inspection on a FHA?

Hi, Im a new Home Inspector, and i want to know when someone tell you the house is a FHA, how would you handle that part?

Unless you are an FHA appraiser/inspector, it changes nothing. Your inspection should be more thorough than what they do.

Same as any other inspection unless the inspection is required to conform with FHA standards.

You could inform your clients that the FHA has an energy efficient mortgage rider that will let them finance the cost of energy efficient improvements in the loan. They must have a rating done on the house by a HERS rater.

I did one once that had a clean report from the FHA inspector.
My report was looked at to figure a repair cost and it was near 150K including decks and addition issues. The asking price minus the cost of repairs would probably equal about zero.

I think the general public knows to always get their own inspection.

Many times FHA loans require a termite inspection. If you offer this service, make sure you recommend to the buyer that they get one.

There are no FHA or VA loans that require a pest inspection UNLESS it is required by the appraiser. They changed their rules years ago.

USDA does require a pest inspection for their loans.

So do you guys perform the inspection and should i go ahead and do the inspection for the client?

The FHA part, they are probably talking about, is an appraiser’s concern not yours. Normally, you would just perform a normal home inspection. FHA does require a termite inspection, private septic/lagoon inspection and water testing of a private well, in my area. Which is not the responsibility of the home inspector to perform. It appears that rules are set by the state you live in. I know Rural Development is that way.

So witch mean there is no special form i have to fill out when someone said the house is a FHA right?

I dont do termite inspection, Im not specialize on that, so should i tell them to find a pest control technician for a termite inspection?

I agree. I have inspected many FHA approved homes and I report them the same as any other.

Interesting!!! And I am interested to know about this this


Thanks guys…:slight_smile: