How do you inspect the roof...

Now that I have your attention…

How do you inspect the roof on a three-story condo complex?:shock:

I did a 3-story apartment complex last summer. Informed the apartment manager they needed to provide access to the roof, but no ladders. The pic is similar to what they provided. Worked well enough. Make sure you wear a safety harness, as I guarantee a fall will definately hurt!!!

I don’t inspect foors. . .

What the heck is a foor?

I have no idea, but I don’t inspect 'em.

When I worked on the Liberty Science Center In Jersey City, we had a 160’ stick boom lift. That was fun in the wind! They don’t even make thm that big anymore for obvious reasons. I thing the biggest is 120’ or 135’.

I use a video camera on a stick and put it out the upper floor window if there is no way of accessing the roof. I then comment what I can see in the video and disclaim what I can not see in detail. I always advise having a qualified roofing contractor inspect a roof and provide some sort of documentation if I can’t get to it.

I don’t

if my 35’ ladder dont reach…I dont

Oh! I get it now - “foor” is “roof” spelled backwards. Must be his idea of April Fools :mrgreen:

This is how I inspect them…Missouri is very desert like :slight_smile:

the way we reach the unreachable is from a basket suspended from a crane. I’ve been up 250’…

Same here!

Wish I could claim “April Fools” - unfortunately it was just my bad typing:roll:

In this area there is either a hatch off the back porch or a hatch(usually in one of the closets).

If you see Narnia ,that’s the wrong one.

I use a licensed roofing contractor myself.