How do you keep track of appointments?

Almost an exact ditto here

Palm Treo and sync to desktop Mac.

PDA Phone. Uses Outlook when synchronized.

I love my treo. Had them since the treo 300. What version are you currently using?

Just implemented the calender to my i goggle home page and will let you guys know how it works.

As do I.

Yikes I almost forgot about this sweet program I picked up to replace my digital voice recorder.
Just call yourself and schedule an e=mail reminder or a call your self.
It works great, and here is a sample (notice you can click and listen to the audio as an option.


I like using Inspectit Officepro

I am with Doug on this. I have a cheap calendar I carry with me to add appointments while I am on the road. I keep a desk calendar in the office for when I am there. Low tech but it works for me.

I use 7 clip boards 1 for each day of the week hanging in my office attach appointment sheet to corresponding day

Yep, the battery in those cheap calenders never go dead but I have two PDAs and the batteries are constantly having to be charged. I would be up the well known proverbial creek without proper bouyancy or motivation first time I relied on my PDAs. I like for many things but not that. My GPS is on one of my PDAs and it went T.U. half way to my destination this morning. New battery but I think I got a dud. And that just pisses me off.

I have the treo 90. Love it, wish it was still in production so I can replace it if it breaks.


Wow, the treo 90! I don’t know if I ever saw one. I went from using the Palm IIIC (I thin that’s what it was) over to the Treo’s. I have a palm based and windows based treo now. The windows one crashes constantly. It’s too bad palm has pushed away from their own OS.

Small notebook

Day Timer…

And I’ve still got the last (16) years in storage. The first (7) years, I used a desk top calender

Hey Dominic;

What’s up with the Microsoft stuff. Everyone seems to complain about anything MS, but isn’t it used on like 85% of all pc’s, laptops, etc. throughout the world. Everything I own is Microsoft based, I don’t seem to experience any problems that I’m aware of, with the exception of Vista on my new laptop. Way to many features, bells and whistles on that baby…

Outlook and the Dell Axim Calendar Program (which is MS based). Sync them twice a day at least. But I never go anywhere without the Axim.

This is for Tomas D.

If you like the Treo 90 you can pick up one or two extra back up units on Ebay for pocket change. That is how I got a brand new still in the box Zire 72 I use for a GPS.