How do you know if client closed?

So how do you guys go about finding out if your clients closed or not. Follow up email? Satisfaction card? Agents involved?


Brett Huckabee
Down Home Inspections, LLC

That would depend on the reason why you have the need to know.

I’d like to know for percentages and to keep a current mailing list and I suppose just because I’m curious.

just check the county assessor’s office for ownership. All counties, at least in my state, at least have the ownership info online.

Ask them :slight_smile:

I send a followup email with a short survey of my service, which includes the question: Did you purchase the home that was inspected?

Easy to find out if they didn’t buy, I sometimes check this

I usually know if they didn’t buy because they hire me to perform another inspection on another house…

And the #1 Answer is… :smiley:

Yeah it takes quite a while for the tax records to update but I like the simple survey idea. Thanks for the responses!

Papers often print transactions so just do search on their site.
Some listing sites might tell sales history.

You can also ask a RE agent. I like the survey idea :slight_smile:

I call 2 weeks after the inspection to ask how everything is going. By that time they typically know if its going south or not. We also track.

Last 2 years about 18% of my inspections kicked out for various reasons like: undisclosed defects; knot-head seller won’t negotiate; knot-head buyer wants the moon and asks for unreasonable things; REA’s not strong enough to hold deal together.

AND buyers with unrealistic expectations so home inspection scares them.