How do you post a PDF Document

Can someone tell me how to post a pdf document on the message board.?

I’d appreciate it much.


Just like a picture Marcel did one last week. I just loaded the pdf . file

I tried before but I think they were too big.

pdf256.0 KB256 kb max I think.

Chris may be helpful for larger ones…

Contact InterNACHI’s IT Director by email:

Chris Morrell (Massachusetts)

You need to post a link to it on line instead.
Most PDF’S are to large for the forum.

Does Photo Bucket allow PDF storage?

Email me if you need help with a large pdf file.

Thanks guys and Bob, I think posting a link is the way I have seen other guys do it, but how and where do you get the link?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick, but for certificate pdf’s and small files, what are the instructions to post one.?

Should I have a bigger file, do we have to contact you each time?


More than once I have wanted to share a few things in PDF and I can’t. :slight_smile:

You need to post it on line at a website then you can post a link to it.
I was going to store all my PDF files here on the forum but they won’t post darnit:):):slight_smile:

Whose website when it is a document?

I did figure out a way.
But got to be an easier way.

Print the document, scan it to a Jpeg to file.
Send to Microsoft Picture Manager, resize, and voila.:slight_smile:

Upload it to your website Marcel, then you can post a link to it here. There’s a tutorial on how to post sample reports which are PDF’s the exact same steps will work on any PDF. Let me know if you need help.

Dom , can you link off G Docs?

scan it and post it…

Email it to me. and I’ll email you back a link to it.

You can use one of the MANY file hosting websites out there. I like mediafire, it very easy. Upload your file, they supply a link and you copy/paste that link in an email, forum, etc.

Yes if you make it public. But Marcel Posts so many good things he might as well put them all in one place on his site.

Those work great but expire so people won’t always have access to the file. Best is to post directly to the forum, then to his site as a 2nd choice.

Drive people to your site. Hmm…Do you ever stop thinking SEO? :slight_smile:

Nope, come up with new ideas in my dreams! I have to stay #1 for our software and I pass the tips on to you guys. Just lucky that none of my competition can keep up with my 10 clones working on our SEO :slight_smile:

But Dom if he sets it up to link to his site that would amount to intellectual theft would it not?

I figure a PDF is intellectual property of the site he is getting them from.
This site is not responsible for instance since it is members posting them and it is kind of a way around that ,but if you start posting other web sites material in bulk like that ,it might set up issues even with SEO.

Are my thoughts off base here?

Depends on what the content is. Most content on the net is under the commons license and is open to all. If he’s taking something off of someone’s personal site, sure, but if it’s from a manufacturer or a government site, go for it. The worst that will ever happen is they ask you to take the link down.