How do you propose to stop these kinds of problems, got milk?

How would you, what would you propose to fix,repair,stop these kinds of problems…

Eh umm, those photos of deteriorated blocks, inside and outside, there are quite a few homeowners who have that shtt and one reason why the inside system terds will COVER,HIDE at least PART of the bottom of the basement wall(s), yep. They don’t want anyone, the homeowners, the NEXT HOMEOWNER, a home inspector, city inspector etc to SEE the deterioration they covered up, they didn’t correctly identify and didn’t fix, got that?

Efflorescence…this guy ‘gets-it’, OBVIOUSLY many others do NOT!
in part says, “The best way to prevent the problem is to prevent water from infiltrating the blocks…Whenever we see this problem, there is usually a leak somewhere that ALLOWS water to ENTER the block wall…”

Find it, find the problem(s), then fix the problem then clean the dumb efflorescence.
Can’t do that by misguiding,misinforming people and telling them INCOMPETENT DOGSHTT like, Oh 80%-99% of all peoples problems/leaks are due to the GRADE…nonsense.

Knock knock. err knock knockers whateva…anybody here?

Should these and all other homeowners who have exact,very similar problem just play with the grade, gutters, install that piece of garbage inside system? Come on, YOUR the one’s recommending that stuff, recommending inside systems…hello!

Nah, don’t bother to take the time and FIND, correctly and honestly identify peoples problems…nahhh! Instead suggesting to toy wiff duh grade or call an inside system company.

Good info and great pictures, as usual, Mark.

Hope you enjoyed a nice Easter.

Eh Mr Larry,thank you sir 'n hope you/your family had a good 1 as well :wink:

I think the bigger issue is not just us and our recommendations. A lot of is a money based decision. I recommend an exterior fix. What they hear is spend a ton of cash and tear up the yard. Then they get the retard in and he says for half the money we can install an interior system and repair the grade and maybe new gutters! Guess which one wins out?
Just my opinion

Eh Greg,

Yes sir, have seen-heard that before. :wink:

What happens quite a bit is, i’ll get a call from a homeowner who has a leaky basement, go there and find their problem and write it up.

But quite a few homeowners get 3,4,5 OTHER bids and those other’s are almost-always ALL inside system shtthead-bids. So the homeowner thinks about WHO is right,what is better… is Bubba right (1 outside bid)?
Hmmm gee,or the inside bids? They think, how could ALL 3-4 others be wrong (inside). And so they toss the LONE exterior bid thinking i’m wrong, and the inside system is the way to go and so they hire one of those scamballs.

Part of the inside system play is, using one or more in the MEDIA to pump them, yep. For instance, PAYING $ to be on G Haege’s radio show or one of the other weekly home improvement radio shows, he’ll pump them up make it all ‘sound like’ they are experts, they’re honest etc and homeowners listening DON’T get-it, and call these terds and hire them in-part thinking, Oh Mr Haege highly recommends them. Haege hates my guts (i love that) and i hate him even more! Hope your reading this crook!

Yeah, he ‘sounds’ real nice on duh radio, its just bullshtt. He hasn’t a clue to all facts on this subject, just like the OTHER radio show hosts, most of them don’t like me either! loloLOLoLoLoL They ARE ALL about making as much MONEY as they can regardless if some homeowners get screwed over/ripped off by inside system co’s!!!

Haege for years recxommend Everdry…recommends B Dorks…and used to highly recommend Insta Dry Basement Systems who went OOB, lol. ALL those supposed LIFETIME guarntees, buh bye! And NOW, he recommends one of the terds who used to work for Insta Dry and thats, Foundations Systems of Michigan, and Ohio! lolol

Recently got a call from homeowner (posted some photos of this), who hired Foundation Systems of MI. Homeowner got…bulshhttt’d. They installed Wall Anchors for $$$ when it was nowhere close to being necessary, and i told this to homeowner. I/we have done work for several in this homeowners family YET, he called and hired this inside system terd BEFORE calling my dumb az, amazing.So now he’s OUT alot of MONEY (Foundations Systems has alot of it eh!), and really doesn’t wanna spend anymore.

Thanks for your input Greg.