How do you protect your company?

Hello, I am soon finishing my studies to be a home inspector and would like to know what you have done to protect your company name and logo. Do you a have a copyright? Any other legal way to protect it to be sure nobody use the logo or the name?



I was incorporated from the get go Roys Home Inspection LTD .
Make sure all letters,business cards and Reports ect all have the full incorporated name on them .
This just gives you a bit more protection in Canada . Nothing can stop you from a law suit . write Hard talk soft and miss nothing on your Inspection .

First and foremost by doing the best inspection I can each and every time

Like Roy stated…

I did (paid for) an official NUANS name search prior to registering my company. Just wanted to make sure the name could be legally registered.

After that filed to become a corporation.

If you are a member, I can help you trademark it through CIPO.


To protect you chosen “Business Name” in Canada you have to register a Trademark.
If you should decide at a later time to incorporate your business, the enterprise will then become a “Division” of the limited company. I operated my inspection business under the name “The Professional Building Advisor” a division of Rudolph Reusse & Associates Limited.

Considering the current decline in real estate activities, I would for now only register a Trademark, and wait until your business has become successful. You need a lawyer to incorporate, and a chartered accountant to file the annual tax returns.

**RUDOLF REUSSE - **Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

do most of you have a trademark? I found out it cost 2000$…

I understand the value of making good inspection, but this gives even more importance to protecting your name. If you’ve worked hard to create a good reputation and somebody starts using your name, or almost exactly like your name, you’ve just got robbed!


Not true.

It does not require the services of a lawyer to register a Trademark in Canada. I think that the filing fee is currently about $200.00 and another $300.00 when the name is registered.

**Rudolf Reusse **

Rudolf’s approximates are about right.

Thanks for the answer. I checked and you are right. Even thought the company that offer help for trademark charge around 2000$, it’s a simple procedure that can be made online on the cipo website. I’m currently in the process of submitting my trademark. thanks for your help!

A trade mark can be done yourself. Costly and time consuming.

To register a company on line.Cheaper to go to your government office.

As little as 135 dollars for the registration.

Take your domain name to the provincial registry and register it under what ever provincial number of definition you fall under.

You can incorporate yourself, if you wish in several.
registered is just fine unless you have a second or third company.
The government will help you.

I incorporated, had to for insurance reasons. I own a small registered construction company.

All the best.

You no longer a member Al?
I see you have been here asking questions sense 2009. 3 in all.
You use to be a full member if I am not mistaken.

I incorperated myself.
The government helped me.
As for a CA for taxes. I do not know. It would be advisable but not required as far as I know Mr.Reusse

We have had a Charted Accountant ( Not a Book keeper ) since 1974 and he has saved us a lot of money over the years .
I agree a CA is needed in Canada if you are in business .
If you can not afford one then you should work for some one, not your self.

I am a full member now, been a lurker for a lot of years! From what I read, the incorporation does not protect your name a lot. It only forbid a business to also be incorporated in the same name. Adding a letter or changing the order of the word would defeat the goal of protecting the name.

A trademark ensure that nobody can use the name you chose, or a name similar enough to confuse clients.

Any benefits of going through INACHI?
Quicker, cost?

Yes good point.
Start off slow. It takes time to trademark.
Just get some steady income first. It will all play out over time.

I see you have no friends.
I will give you any help you may need as well as many members here.
All the best.

Thanks Roy.
Second year Ins. and using a CA.
My acount over 14 years now has lass then suited my business needs for 2 years now. Time to say good-by.

Alexis, where are you located? Location has a lot to do with what is best for you?