How do you say fire

Furnace installed in 2011 I guess no one ever checks the flue pipe. Double wall class B vent can never start fire according to some thought patterns :shock:. They even insulated it to make sure it lost no heat in the attic. If this roof had been a 4X12 she probably would have ignited :wink:

a little duct tape she’ll be good as new…stop being so picky…

explain plz where does the duct tape get installed

why obviously over the charred sheathing…you can’t leave it all nasty and black like that…

Good catch Brother you may have saved a life.

That’s the find of the week for sure!

Charley I talked to the present owner and they stated their attic was not like this before you came to the house. This instalaltion done by a ‘professional’, and that you caused the charred wood.

They would like a check in the amount of $86,000 for the Macassar wood that was used as sheathing within the attic. Since the attic sheathing was hand picked to have the grain match perfectly, the entire attic will need to be re-sheathed and re-roofed.

Can we expect a check or cash?

I concur that he is correct!
Russell! Is it to late for me to get into this deal?:stuck_out_tongue:

Well Roy I can probably get you a $14,000 retainer for your expert witness testimony…and just add it to the bill…

You can expect to hold out both hands wish in one and crap in the other and see which fills quickest;-)

Thats an old country song:D

Damnit now may hand stinks! Damn that man in the Red Hat…

If I had a nickel for every time my momma said that to me, I wouldn’t be inspecting

Thank God you had caught that. The situation could have been far worse for sure. Nice job!

Had another one yesterday I just luv the bunji cord and bailing wire, Water heater flue pipe;-)

Where do you find this crap?

I can not hear much anymore but there is nothing wrong with my eyes;-)

ummmm, in the attic space

Sorry, I could not resist

Glad I live in Baltimore, Md!

May it’s scary out there in the sticks!!:twisted:

Keep it up Charles!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just watched a movie last evening Baltimore got nuked glad you survived:p:D Tommie

Ah Yes Charles, “The Sum of All Fears” by Maryland author, the late Tom Clancy.

Yes it was a tough day having my hometown nuked.
Really messed with traffic and had to cancel the last inspection that day!

Bummer Dude! :frowning:

BTW- check out the sticker on my ride!