How do you setup a website to upload your reports?

I have to send out a report and it is to large to send by email. I have a website and a ftp program but do not know how to set up my site to be able to put the file on there. Any Suggestions? Help?

Thanks in advance.


Create a folder on Your Computer.
Put your clients report file (pdf file is common) in that folder.

Ftp upload that folder to your web server.
(the report file will travel with the folder).

Tell your client they can find their report at this link (example):

The first word “client” is the folder.
The second word “client.pdf” is the report file.

I hope that helps you.


I will try that. Thanks, I hope it works ](*,)


If that does not work, will work. With this technology you can up load and name up to three reports at once.

Unlike an ftp site, unless it is configured for separate log in, only the reports that are uploaded for this client will be available.

Good luck


When a report is too large for normal e-mail I use: . It’s worked well for me.

Can’t a PDF file be put into a zipfile and then uploaded to the email (such as yahoo) and sent out that way? I’ve done several large files like that, but not a report.


Beautiful upload site! Very professional format. The automated client email is very easy to understand.

  • Is this a trial service if so, what will the fees be?
    *]Do you charge for technical support?

Thanks everybody:D

Tried this and it worked wonderfully. I registered for their “lite” membership which is free. Anything over 100MB or if you want it to store the file longer costs $$$.

Wendy, thats what started all this, my zipped file wouldn’t go and I was ](,)](,)](*,) half way thru the night. Thanks



Thanks for your feedback. We think it’s a superior technology as well. To answer your questions, yes this service is in a trial stage right now. We are load testing our servers. Please use it and try to break it! We anticipate launching and charging for the service January 1, 2007. At that time, the price will be approximately $199/year. For multi-inspector companies, the price will be a little different. It will be included free with all of our custom web sites ($699 with an annual fee for hosting/domain renewal of $100 thereafter).

Customer service is free of charge. We will be setting up an online ticketing support system and incorporating it into the technology before we launch.

Thanks again for your feedback, let me know if you have any other questions.