How do you take it ???

How do you take your coffee or tea ?

In your opinion what’s the best and from where ?

Where are the strongest of these, global beverages located ?


A french press can make even the crappiest coffee taste good.
Cafe du mon (sp) New Orleans’ chickory coffee is outstanding.Does anyome know if Cafe du mond is still there?
Starbucks is the biggest game but over rated.
Krispy Kreme donuts’ coffee is also pretty good.

It would be ‘almost’ unpatriotic for Canadians to say anything other than a ‘Large Double Double from Tim Horton’s’.

I agree a french press makes the best coffee…Usually drink mine right about now (early evening).

I’m in the bad habit of grabbing a medium coffee on the way to my morning inspection…its getting embarrassing asking to use the bathroom before I hardly get in the door.

Of the fast food places, I like Dunkin Donuts the best.

At home I grind my own (eight o’clock) and drink it very strong…I don’t care for all that mocha latte crap with cinnamon on everything.

Little known secret… many central American coffee companies
mix their brew with beans from Guatemala. They got the goods.