How do you translate "Gangnail"?


I am currently translating Kenton Shepard’s “A Garage Inspection” and I can’t find the translation for Gangnail.
All I know is that a gangnail is a particular arrangement of nails on a metal plate, used as a connecting piece in strong timber joints.

If anyone knows the name in french could you please tell me?


Janet, I think it is spelled this way;

Gang-nail connection= la bande qui cloue

Metal gang-nail connection= la connexion métallique de bande-clou

Gang-nail= bande-clou

Better wait for our friend from Quebec. My french is slang. :slight_smile:

Thank you! This is very helpful!

Connecteurs métalliques cloués is my guess.

That sounds better. :slight_smile:

It’s a trademark.;jsessionid=0001d5Yxa70pzeqA9Ur59cDlBMH:PB8SNME11?lang=eng&status=OK&fileNumber=0328516&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=1

Shouldn’t it just be - Gang-nail?

What would you translate for Kleenex?

My Kleenex box reads Kleenex marque mouchoirs,

so Gang-Nail connecteurs métalliques:wink:

Thanks, Marcel

Thank you! I will write Gang-nail (connecteurs métalliques), I think it will work!