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First of all please excuse this posts’ location.

I am from KS, I am a new inspector, who has gotten all of my certifications, memberships, and all of my business structure is complete. Last week I started marketing my business. At the inspection school that I attended (ITA) they taught us to write our reports as recommendations. Since we are not code inspectors or inforcing code we carry no weight with our recommendations. When I find something wrong with a house I will write it up as a recommended repair. The problem I am running into is that in my state, the real estate contracts state that the seller must fix up to X dollar amount the problems a qualified professional deems neccesary. This is wher I am running into trouble since I dont make requirments. You could get 3 other inspectors over there and they all would have different “requirments”, and there is no book or laws that we have to go by. Any of you have any suggestions, or ideas, any one else have this problem?

Another issue is that they want me to give cost estimates, which I was also taught not to do. Again you can get three different contractors over there and all three would have different dollar amounts. I dont feel comfortable telling someone how much it make cost to repair that hole/stain on the wall and then come to find out its full of mold, termites, wood rot. How do you guys get around all this, especially the first problem?

Thanks a lot! Matt

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I need more info on your reporting methods as there must be some items that you deem necessary to repair such as problems that are and will continue to cause damage to the structure.