how does my site looks

ok. i spent too many hours on this, pls i need other eyes to look at it cuz i can’t see straight anymore (loll)

i know , it’s in french…i should but an ‘‘English’’ version (it will be done soon)

tips would be appreciated

thx fellaz

28 views , no comment??

A different look , I like it do not understand French but the lay out is nice ,Too many look the same and yours + + + +

Looks good for a strict business site.

Thx!! Roy!

Hey Bob ! you have 5 sites?? Man how do you manage all of them!! loll

Geese Patrick, finally a Website I can read and understand. Well, at least 90% :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good, didn’t check all the pages, but liked the video and the Home page. :slight_smile:

Looks good! Are you offering infrared and energy audits?

yeah i like doing the vid’s!! i think it adds a lot to a site. glad you could understood 90% of it Marcel!!!

I did not see a vid ,but had a pop up wanting me to update flash player.
I never update that way due to virus risk ,but will check for updates now.

Roy Google has a popup that lets you translate it.
I saw it in English.

You’re right Bob, I had it on my right click on his website.
Here it is here.

wow, the translation is good! almost 100% perfect

Actually it is more than 5 , but I have done a lousy job of it as my whole point was to have extras I could screw up then became over cautious to the point of writers block.

Yours reminds me of my first and most checked out site which is

Some thought it too black and business like so if you check you will see I did the opposite with by using my picture and being more down to earth simple.

Thanks for reminding me of that.:mrgreen:

I guess you have to do it for each page, but pretty cool. :slight_smile:

tomorrow all of the site will be done in English…maybe 2 or 3 days…loll still a 14 page site.
i also want to do some vid’s in English (looked up my google analytic and i saw a few ‘‘home inspector in (name town)’’

actualy even though i’m french , i sound less like and idiot when i speek English…ololololo

I can relate to that statement. :mrgreen:

Looks great. May I suggest you add a link for an english translation to capture the attention of clients that are not french speaking.

Well start using spell check.

Remember to use a capitol letter with I’s and not i.

I, I Sir :wink:

Yes, i’m doing it right now