How does No Equipment Grounds test?

GFCI Protected Outlet, No Equipment Ground. How do they show when tested? Not taking about tripping, but just plugging in your tester and seeing what the lights show. Will it test normal or show only a 1 light “ungrounded” light?

I just passed my exam for my license today and I did a mock inspection in my 1964 rental house which has 2 and 3 prong outlets and a couple of GFCI’s. All but 1 of the 3 prongs show “ungrounded”.
Also what does that mean? Did they just take a 3 prong and only wire the hot and neutral from the 2. prong?

And since my GFCI’s tested and tripped properly does that mean it is properly wired with a grounding wire?

It means there are two wires going to the receptacle.

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There are plenty of threads addressing this same thing. If you search you will find plenty.
It means the home was run with older wiring, that only had a hot and a neutral, with no grounds. GFCI is one way that you can help protect circuits with no grounding conductors.

The tester will show open ground


By the way, congrats on the exam, and welcome!

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A plug in tester won’t trip a GFCI receptacle that is connected with only a hot and a neutral and no EGC.


The tester should have a label that shows the light pattern and conditions indicated.

A bootleg ground can show as properly wired.

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