How does the air conditioner work?

We had a mutal understanding.

I taught him. He taught me.

There is not such thing a cold air and HVAC equipment “sucks” not “blows”.

Strike one!

Through absorption and rejection.

Your hand… :wink:

Around here it’s mostly either a vertical sliding or a horizontal sliding window!

When I put my hand to that hole in the floor, whachu call it, a vent? It seems to be blowing, not sucking. :mrgreen:

Correct - Cigar!

Question: When operating, the air conditioner’s liquid line should feel _____ to the touch.
(if you know the answer, great! please let others think about it for a while.)

Since you wish only those not knowing the answer to respond ,the answers will be by laws of average split at 50%.

I can just hear it now:

“Please tell the court when you last had your hand calibrated.”

I went to a moisture class a few years ago taught by a PHD type guy and he brought up that issue as to wheather something ‘felt’ damp. He said he calibrated his hand every morning when he washed them.

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I think a home inspector, guided by the SOP visual-only restrictions, will do well using a hand to feel the temperature of things - (I didn’t say moisture).

And the idea (for me) is not post an answer as soon as possible, but to post questions for those readers of this thread and let them think about it. Posting answers (when you know the answer) is easy.
Posting answers (after you’ve figured out the answer) is the goal. (for me - being all about education and such).

I guess you have not been to court…

An “expert” witness is one that knows what it’s supposed to feel like. It doesn’t have to be Thermal Imaging. As a matter of fact, your hand has more sensitivity that those Fluke Tir1’s !

Go back a search the HVAC section. Several have posted that they have been outdone by that old fart at the shop’s hand (myself included)!

That’s my point.
You look at it as blowing.
If it can’t suck, it can’t blow!

You know, the chicken and the egg thing!?

You can not “condition” the air unless your first REMOVE it from the room, bring it to a properly sized unit and then put it back in the right proportion at the right place.

You can design the supply side all you want, but if you don’t have a properly designed return duct system you can go piss in the wind for all it’s worth!

Hot and “LESS HOT” air does not mix! If you don’t believe me, I can prove it with the thermal camera…
Dumping chilled air into a hot room will not properly cool. You must remove the hot air, remove the heat and put the results back into the room.

I thought the part about the guy calibrating his hand every day when he washed them would indicate that I was not being serious.

I guess I should have used a winking smiley face.

Wasn’t lost on all of us Ralph…:smiley:

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