How far must we go too provide documentation for mitigation credits

Had an add on wind mitigation with a home inspection i did last month. the home is a custom built 12,000 s/ft home that was permitted in December 2003. All of the exterior doors and windows were impact glass and made by a custom door and millwork shop.
It was obvious that the glass was laminated and that the attachments too the structure would meet or exceed any product approval that i have seen, but none of the units had a label that was legible enough to photograph.
I used my charm and was able too get the girls in the local building department to scan and send me the original product approvals for the doors and windows. The documents were stamped showing approved with the name of the building department and the permit # for this structure. I made copies of the documents and included them with form 1802 and all was well until today when the agent called and told me that the underwriter would not accept those documents as proof of protection. What exactly must be offered for proof and whom is the judge for what is and what is not proof. I mean if they will not accept the actual homes specific product approval WHAT THE F_ _ _!!!

  1. Use the information from the permit identifying the manufacturer and model of the windows.

  2. Go to
    This the State’s product approval system Here you can identify exactly what level of protection there is offered by the product.

  3. The glass itself should be marked. Use your light at angle to show and photograph the markings. If it is truly an approved product, it should be labled. It should at the very least be labled as LAMENANT.

  4. Consult the agent as to why the underwriter rejected the credit. There is one underwriter in our area who will not except shutter credits unless it is inspected by their inspector. (According to the agent).

In addition, if you marked UKNOWN for SWR. It cuts off all credits following that section.

. Go to
This the State’s product approval system Here you can identify exactly what level of protection there is offered by the product.

Yes I’m aware of the State product approval site. Because the etching and labeling was either non existent or not legible my intent was too go to what i thought would be above reproach and not provide a generic approval but provde the actual documents that were stamped with the building departments seal and included the site specific permit # stamped on the approvals as well

If you provided the correct NOA documentation, why was the credit rejected by the underwriter?

I’d recommend you consult the Ins. agent directly. The agent should be able to call the underwriter and get a direct answer as to:

  1. Why the rating is being disputed.
  2. What additional information they require to document the rating.

Even if it was not legible to read on a photograph, still photograph showing you made the effort to get a picture of it, then go into the state product approval database and pdf all the approvals and submit with the wind inspection. To get the credit the companies are being advised they need to see product approvals showing what testing the units meet (ie TAS 201,202,203, ASTM E1886, 1996 etc). If you can’t provide this to them, then the insured cannot get the credit until something showing can be provided. Unfortunately the only thing the building dept is good proof for is roof permitted replacement. I’m currently handling a large load of the outreach Citizens reinspections over here and know what the companies are now looking for.

And all this for a $75.00 inspection.

Have you ever considered the possibility that the insurance company does not want to take on the policy for some reason and are trying to use you as the scapegoat? just thinking-:shock:

Yes, thats right. No sticker, no credit! Because the NOA says that each unit must be permanetly labeled to meet the product approval, technically they dont meet if not permanetly labeled. Pretty stupid, huh? Many window/shutter companies will actually send you the stickers if you provide them with contract/permit docs.