How fast can you crawl?

This was a new one for me (after only 13 months, I see a lot of new stuff!). Thank God the nest was inactive. Scared the heebeejeebees out of me when I first saw it, though. The hornets used to enter at the pipe, which is now sealed.

050306 004.jpg

Know the feeling! Like the ladder to get up onto a roof only to find a wasps next right next to it as I went up. Couldn’t see it from the ground however.

Years ago I was under my own house in a 2ft high crawl space installing phone wire. While way under the house I suddenly felt something pulling hard on my shoe laces. Managed not to freak too much fortunately though how I don’t know, but it was my large german shepherd dog coming to visit me. I put her to work and attached the end of the wire to her collar and my wife at the time called her to the crawlspace opening and brought the wire out for me. handy!
Peter Siposs

In some of the more outlying areas here in California next to open areas, we do get rattlesnakes in the crawlspace in the summers to escape the heat.

The 1st time, I saw a old shedded snake skin in a crawlspace, I think I started to think I was in the wrong profession. BTW, baby rattlers don’t have rattlers when they’re born, but they do have venom.

I think this would be good enough reason to declare unsafe for me to inspect at this time. Do not like snakes and believe this make for a bigger mess under the house if I entered. In this case I think I could crawl very fast. Also would think as an old wise man once told me, " Its time for a margarita".

Put on the old Jim Stafford song.

I never moved so fast as when these guys started flying around my head! :shock: Its a little hard to see in the photos, but there had to be at least a dozen in the attic…

bats 001.jpg

bats 002.jpg

“I don’t like spiders and snakes…and that ain’t what it takes to love me…like I wanna be loved by you.”

Pretty good, huh?