How Hard is it to Find a Job?

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I was just wondering how difficult it is to find a home inspection job when you are just starting out. I don’t want to dive into my own business right away without at least five years under my belt. Also, what kind of money could a “newbie” be looking at? I’ve heard that home inspectors who work for companies get about 60% of the bill. Is this the truth? Thank you guys for all of your help thus far.


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Start by telling all your friends, relatives, and co-workers that you are

inspecting homes. Next take your phone book and see how many home

inspectors in your area. Call afew , now you have to play the game, ask

how much for an inspection. They may ask you how many sq feet the

house is, many base their prices on sq footage, you could tell them 900

or 1200 sq feet. They should give you a price. Ask them how long it would

take? Ask what type of report you will be given? This way they won’t know

that you are an inspector. Ask alot of questions if you want. I done this

five years ago when I started and came up with the way I want to price

my home inspections. The National average is about $300.00 for a good

home inspection. Alot depends where you live. I hope this will get you

going. As for what inspectors get paid from there companies I have no idea. I am an Independant.

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