How High?

What methods are you guys using to inspect high roofs? I am seriously considering buying the Spectrascope 2.0 or 3.0 for the occasional multi story roof. Thoughts?

This is a fun picture from today.


Not that high, at least not with my own ladder. What does that 40 footer weigh? How far does it stick out past that little truck?

I don’t typically go that high either but I made special arrangements in this case. My client was especially concerned with the roof so I rented this ladder to make it happen… (they paid for it of course) It probably weighs about 90 pounds and fortunately the realtor was a great help in getting it set. I would have had to get creative on my own :slight_smile:

Man, my 32’ is heavy and I make two guys carry and set it up to avoid problems. 40 must be a beast. I’m impressed and more impressed that you got the client to pay for it! Good job.

I set a 40 footer up on top of a van once to reach a roof… I have a much greater respect for gravity these days.:wink:

25 power spotting scope and a camera tripod . no ladder required and you can see every nail pop or damaged shingles . Worked great for us for many years . Another Inspector now has it

Did you take pics through the scope Roy?

No pictures just explain what I see .
when I started inspecting the only instant camera was a polaroid to expensive for many pictures .

Understand, once digital photography became available, it was expected in my circles. I’ve taken some cool pics at tourists attractions through the pay by view scopes, seems like another option to keep available.

OK that makes sense. A 32 foot type 1-A is about as heavy as I want to go by myself. You can do a lot of damage if you loose control of a big ladder and I wouldn’t want to drive around everyday with a lot of ladder overhanging the end of my vehicle. I have some agents who use me that will call out roofing companies for 3 & 4 story roofs. I’ll usually go up their ladder and walk the roof after asking them - I’ve never been told no, but would not argue if they did decline.

You could always get a boom truck if you get a lot of them. IIRC someone here had one a while back.

They do have camera attachments available for many. My problem is that when I’m where we have structures that high, the neighboring structures are usually too close to be able to view the roof from the ground, regardless of magnification. A spotting scope also gives you about the same field of view as looking through a soda straw.

A set of these oughta do it

Hi Kyle.
With a washer pole you can open a window and get up as high as needed.

Done it many times.

Interesting have you tried one or is this just your opinion .
If you have tried one what power and make was it and was it on a tripod . Thanks
I have used mine from a long way at times and it always worked for me .
I have never looked through a straw so have no idea what that looks like .
Will try it tomorrow to get a comparison .

Yes. I have many hours looking through spotting scopes and a great many more hours inspecting homes, but I do not use a spotting scope to inspect a house because of the excessively narrow field of view at inspection distances and the sensitivity to movement and lack of line of sight visibility. Are you even a home inspector or a professional forum poster? Are you attempting to discredit my opinion in that special passive-aggressive manner of yours? I certainly do not need to have my opinion vetted by the likes of you in a public forum.

You shared your opinion. I shared mine. They differ - figure out how live with that.

So how much of the roof do you see in the OP’s photo from ground level? Zip, Nada, zero, zilch. If you can’t see the roof from the ground no optic, whether it be a magnifying glass, binoculars, spotting scope or celestial telescope is going to enable you to inspect the roof from the ground (perhaps a giant periscope, but that’s not what you were promoting). Please show us some photos taken through your spotting scope of three and four story rooftops with parapet walls and similar height structures with 5 feet of separation on either side and a narrow alley in the rear. I’m very curious to see those nail pops. Time to put up or…

I keep this in the back yard .

Sorry but I see no advantage in continuing this discussion .

You don’t want to prove your point even for the OP?

I’d have a lot more respect for you if you came right out and said I think you’re wrong (or even full of crap) and here’s why… Publicly questioning my credibility was uncalled for. Apparently you don’t like having it done to you either.

You can still make your case for your opinion on the applicability of spotting scopes as a means to inspect rooftops of 3 and 4 story structures in a tightly packed urban environment if you like.

Personally, I think you’re wrong because you cannot establish line-of-sight.

You are kidding, Right?! :roll: