How is business?

I am a Home Inspector and have been thinking about adding Engery audits and Thermal Imagining to my business. What has the response been thus far for those who added it to their Home Inspection Business?

Thanks for any input,

Not too good huh Russ?? IR business has been good for me but it takes time to recoup your investment.


My IR camera paid for itself within 3 months as I picked up a good inspection deal with an insurance company (because I had an IR camera!). Energy audits at this time (in my area) are not a good money maker. Energy Star certifications for new construction has more than paid for my RESNET training and my equipment in less than 1 1/2 years. 
I am in the process of getting courses approved by RESNET and BPI that I plan to offer to home inspectors (at night and on Saturdays) so that they can get certified at a reasonable price. Hope I can get them approved! If I do I will take them on the road (both in and out of Texas).