How Is RealMatcher working out for you?

I have tried to invite a few agents over to start blogging, but no dice yet.


That was the intent of this thing. Otherwise we inspectors could talk to one another right here.

The intent as I understood it was to let the air out of Active Rain.

In my opinion, if this is going to “let the air out of” Acid Rain in such a manner that it doesn’t simply become another vehicle to be controlled by and to promote used house salesmen…it must first be established as a reliable and dependable source of usable information that is sought by consumers.

When that happens, the agents will follow … and, as I understood it, they will be contacting members for the honor of an invitation so that they can participate.

Once it contains enough good information that is “re-blogged” and cited in the internet community, more people will want to participate. IMO, it will take some time to develop it, right.

Just for starters, though…find an article at RealMatcher that you like and reference it with a link in your AR blog. That could spark some interest.

I’m going to be deleting my account. RealMatcher has just become too much of a magnet for spam accounts. I’m getting at least 8-10 comments per day asking for approval that are from ‘users’ just wanting to get their URL on the site. Tired of going through the motions of purging my ‘approval’ queue.

Many of our members have approved these ‘users’ and that has become a gateway for many more. Check your blog comments to see which are legitimate. They’ll give you a rambling on how helpful your info has been and have their URL posted with their info.