How is this for ventilation?

The batt insulation is installed on the roof decking and there are no soffit, peak ridge, or air hawks installed. Trying to do a sealed in attic on the gulf coast is just not gonna work. :roll:



hopefully better pic.



Was it a conditioned attic?

Is that not on the 2nd floor? Appears to me in that photo that the insulation is installed abutted to the 2nd floor if thats what I see in the rear/left of the 1st pic

Doesn’t work here either Richard…I have seen many home with the insulation installed between the roof trusses and the attic floor is bare, the attic temperature in the summer is 120+ degrees radiating through the ceilings throughout the home, Building Science at it’s finest—:shock:

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No. It was not a conditioned attic. The h/o was trying to seal off the attic from the exterior. Maybe up North this will work but our humidity and heat are through the roof (bad pun) down here on the Houston Gulf Coast.

The insulation, throughout the entire attic, is installed to the roof decking. The second floor ceiling/attic floor was bare. I should have taken a pic of it.

Definitely wouldn’t work up North either.

But if it was a conditioned attic, it changes everything and might just work if all the proper conditions were met.

No, this will not work here in the north east either, unless of course the H/O are planning to finish the attic, but the hip construction turns this cavity into a restricted cavity. Also proper ventilation needs to be cut in if this is going to be a conditioned area, which is going to require an insulation removal.

If this attic is to remain unfinished like it is now, that insulation needs to be installed into the floor cavities.

Not to mention the shortening of the shingle lifespan from the lack of ventilation](*,)

air hawk?

Product trade name for static box type vents made by Air Vent. Often used as a generic term for any box type vent in this area.

thanks, any pics?