How is this legal...?

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I concur.
I will review the article in ICC.

Marcel, Reading your lips had me looking further. I came across this article by WAGNER.

The myth of the Ladder Effect and other guardrail safety issues
Page 20…
Horizontal Bars
Not recommended
◦Subject to bending and stress, very unforgiving relative to cable rails
◦Use cable instead

I stand corrected. I beg your pardon.

I think Roy cuts to the heart of the matter here. I explain to people that I am not looking for code violations per se, rather conditions that impact the integrity of the structure, its systems or the safety of those using it/them.

I think it would be entirely appropriate for an inspector to cite a condition like this as a “Safety” issue, regardless of code.

So this would be a safety hazard too then, right. ?

Barbra Bush Center we built a few years ago.
College Campus.

Architects did not call the railing a hazard here.




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