How is your weather??

I ask because in my location we had 5 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. It is raining now with another 1+ inches on the way. My rain gauge overflows (5 inches max). It rained the day before yesterday over 1 inch.

My yard and house have handled the water. (No wet basement)

How is your area of weather?
Scal - drought
Houston flooding

I hope you are OK and best to you and family. Be glad to hear your stories.

(Back to writing my report)

We had an abnormally wet and cool May. Precipitation almost every day. It has been like if we are in Seattle. It has not reached 80 degrees this month.

Sunny, mid 80’s, occasional afternoon thunderstorms at my house, although there are thunderstorms visible every afternoon nearby. No hurricanes for ten years here so better be prepared for one.

59 degrees
We’ve had a lot of rain lately but just rain, not the downpours other places have seen.

Just got in from taking my 14.2 Capri from its maiden sail, only one other boat on the lake.
Very nice!

Sunny, in the 90’s yesterday.

Feel free to share some of that rain. California is having a terrible drought.

We do share with you. You get water from our mountains.

Pretty hot / humid and rather dry here in Maryland.

Sunny and 106 today in the Las Vegas valley.

53 degrees yesterday but I had the pool water at 86 degrees. We survived.


He is doing very well thank you.

Oh WEATHER. nevermind. sunny, 71 degrees. :wink:

Sunny and 80’s yesterday, rain all day today with temp’s at 53.

Sunny and 84. Low humidity. Paradise.

fortunately, our weather has been for the most part, normal.

Yesterday was sunny in the low 80s, today cloudy with on and off showers in the mid 60s.

Hot and Humid in the mid 80’s Getting some rain in the afternoon. Attics for me have been in the 115F and 120F :cool:

And yet May 2015 is going to go down as one the wettest on record here in San Diego.

Is that in the Caribbean (vacation) or the Home office?

What is the record? Like .5 inches or something like that?

So I am at an inspection and observe a waterfall feature at the finished area, I look at the floor and see water affecting the floor structure. I explain to my client about the concern. We then go into the basement and observe 16 floor drains, water cascading around the foundation floor and walls. The client is livid and runs up the stairs.

I then wake up to the sound of my alarm and realize this was a dream and it is still technically raining here and I am off to do another Home Inspection. (I spent to much time in the yard digging drainage tenches yesterday):wink:

That’s some funny stuff!

A couple of days ago I was driving down the road heading to my morning inspection and saw a car hit a motorcyclist. He did a couple of flips in the air before landing. I stopped to help out. I then decided to move my truck out of the way. It was gone! All of my equipment, laptop, wallet… I called the police and they said they would send someone that evening around 5 to take a report. I was freaking out!!! Then I woke up. :shock:

I am currently in Beijing, China
The weather is Clear here. Temp is 24°C. And I am enjoying here.