How it's done in Mexico

I just came back from a trip to Mexico. I stayed in a very nice house for the local standards. I wanted to share a few pics of the house I stayed in and of some other places I went.

Nice pictures
Incomplete work due to SIESTA, I say but definitely scary!
Beauchemin, Marc-Andre-

I think the work is complete. Lol The wiring is run in flexible orange conduit that they install in a channel chiseled into the brick. Then stucco over. So you have to be very careful where you drill. The conduit it run into a square plastic box. Smaller than we use here no connectors anywhere. The light socket you see there is how they do it. Just hang a shade over it. The outside ones are the same except they use a plastic cover but the bulb is still exposed. The shower is in front of the tub. It’s a drain in the floor. Notice the switch, plugs, and light in the shower. No GFCI plugs of breakers. This house was built in the last 3 years. I have some more pics but you can only load 5 at a time.

It all looks great from here. When we go down we want a nice beach, food, booze etc…
I always do my little inspections and laugh at the work. But we always have a great time as I’m sure you did.

Are you sure it wasnt TN lolol

Glad to see your back. Your lucky to be alive. The US Military has barred us from traveling into the country or atleast large parts of it.

Cartels are taking it over, slowly but surely. Our border needs to be protected, or we will be in the middle of it. There are many land owners in Texas, even as far as 160 miles from the Mexico/U.S. border that are being threatened by these cartels. Use caution when traveling to Mexico.