How Lead Paint In Homes Impacts Buyers, Sellers, and Homeowners Part 1

Greenspiration Home has put together a 3 part series aimed at helping homeowners understand what they need to know about buying and selling a home with that may have lead paint. The series consists of a number of Q&A’s with James A. Kozachek, a construction law and litigation partner/owner at Bisgaier Hoff, LLC, a law firm in the greater NYC area.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

very good article!

Thanks for that interview. Since many inspectors here have already got tons of RRP files this is great to add to the understanding of how home owners can ask questions and get correct answers from Contractors involved in this new EPA guideline.
For those that have not checked yet has some fines Posted in regards to lead removal without proper EPA certification. You can find it under the heading

Just so everyone knows this article came from **Trish Holder **a very respected Professional of some top Associations. This has been an issue for sometime as to how we should think about the lead paint and RRP course provided by InterNachi and Bens teaching of the course. This is becoming more main stream so if you have not checked out this info from I recommend you do and if you have not taken the course do it now!!!