How long did it take you for course

How long did it take you to finish the Internachi home inspector course?

Entirely depends on your knowledge of the construction industry.


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Someone I am helping become a CPI recorded approximately 356 hrs.


I think you can do it in about a month and a half doing 6-8 hours a day however don’t rush through this stuff, make sure you are retaining the information which is the most important thing. It might even take 2 or 3 times through the course material to properly “learn” this stuff. I am on my 2nd time through and on some sections I have read through the PDFs and course material 3 times in addition to watching dozens and dozens of hours of Youtube videos on related materials!


To each their on Brian. All depends on your basic knowledge of the industry, the time you can devote to studying and your ability to recognize and retain knowledge. So there is really no specific time or “average” time that can really be calculated. You may get an indication after taking some classes and figuring in your knowledge, class and study time that is available and estimate from there.


I just looked up his Excel spread sheet.
TOTAL 363.5 Averaged study time, about 40 hors a week.
He logged every hour and did every course from beginning to end.

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Brian, like most things that are self-paced, it depends on how much energy you put into it.

I started training without prior experience in the industry and it took me around five months to go through the course material the first time. I did not track my study hours and that five month period spanned the Christmas/New Year holidays, so I wasn’t studying full time.

I’m going though it all again a second time to catch the topics I missed (or didn’t understand completely). This second time is going faster for me as I understand the basics - but I’m definitely not ready to take the final exam.

Personally, I spend a lot of time Googling and watching YouTube for things I don’t understand so, depending on your knowledge base, your experience may be different. Also, I spend as much time on this forum as I can because there a ton of posts covering things the course materials don’t - contractors and do-it-yourselfers come up with “creative” ways of doing things, and the collective knowledge of forum users comes in really handy in my personal training.

I hope this helps and wish you luck!


Thanks for your responses, it’s allot of material for sure, I think I need to up my study time…


Some people think it is easy to become a home inspector. It definitely requires a lot of study and construction background helps.