How long do you leave the MIC?

I’ve done a couple MoveInCertified homes, but 60-90 days ago. Both are still on the market, but 1 has a short-sale offer on it. How long do you leave these up? After a while, the Move In Certified is no longer relevent as the inspection can’t be really relevant. Can it? I’m just wondering if I should do something with these properties…

The inspection isn’t relevant the day after it is completed. But the certification from the seller is. I’m not sure it makes any difference if the inspection was 10 days ago, or 10 weeks ago.

I say leave your sign up. At lest you have people looking at. Who knows they might call for their next inspection from it.:smiley:

Andrew do you realize for a few bucks you can give the seller a 120 day warranty? Look into it. Excellent selling point.

Thanks Russell,
I’ve thought about that. I already use the Brinks/AHW warranty program.