How Long Have You Been Doing Paid Inspections

How long have you been doing paid inspections.

Clarify Paid Inspections please.
Home Inspector or other inspection related fields.
Construction business owners estimations and contracts count as paid inspections?
Work related experience counts as time for CMI as explained to me.
Just asking.

Can’t answer. No choice for 10.5 years. :shock: :twisted:

I was just thinking of paid home inspections.

As a personal favour we’ll give you credit for 11 :wink:

Thank you.

I started today, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night. :shock:

Actually I am celebrating over 10 years of inspecting homes.

I was only a home inspector for 5.5 years (but an awesome 5.5 years it was! Made a small fortune). All commercial inspections (which isn’t really inspecting) since then, but not full-time.

Good Idea this will tell what the average of old timers and new.
I am just past Nick at 6 years for Home Inspections and 10 years IAQ.

I knew there was something I liked about you! :cool:


Started doing February 1978

19 years, just came across some of my old home inspection paperwork and found this.
I started working for the Building Inspector of America as a sub contractor in 1992. I think back then a home inspection paid me $65.00, I got an extra $25.00 for septic, flow test only, no digging.

I took this correspondence course through the franchise, I think it was part of ASHI or sponsored by them. Before the internet and computers!!

Man the time fly’s!!!

No kidding…
I found an old one last year… sometime before '03? maybe late 90’s, not really sure.