How Many Additions?

Inspection this morning, 1956 rancher on a slab, set for public auction on Friday. Potential buyers stopped the inspection. I wanted to finish, but probably saved a very long report. Check out the roof, attic photos next post.

mixed nov 17 045.JPG

mixed nov 17 064.JPG

mixed nov 17 050.JPG

mixed nov 17 055.JPG

mixed nov 17 060.jpg

Wow, can’t blame the client to walk. :slight_smile:

John please tell us what you said to them when you came down.

That is, after you stopped laughing…

HAHA! My thoughts exactly! Miss you Jae

Why not complete the inspection?

A decision was made not to purchase the home so why spend more time inspecting it?..I think was the thought.:slight_smile:

Did you even get to see the carnage in the interior?


Mostly just the attic, see related post.

Wow, what a PITA. I always call these Gems “Winchester Mystery Houses

Photos 2 & 3 illustrate a creative use of very large diverters for the gutters. :smiley:

Update. The home did not sell at auction (no surprise), however the clients are again considering placing an offer and are asking me to return to the property to complete the inspection.