How many Amps???

This is a first for me. Not one of the breakers was labeled as to how many amps it could handle…Check it out…

Is that the service equipment? The amperage is the least of your concerns here, however, it would be limited by the conductors feeding the bus bars.

Missing handle ties. . . direct taps. . .

That Square D has seen better days. . .

It is on the otherside of the wall from the main disconnect. 100amp switch blade. How would you verify that the breaker to wire size was correct in this case? Lets say there were no other problems with the panel. No direct taps, double taps, missing breaker ties, breaker ties made of wire, neutrals and grounds bonded in the subs etc.

I assume you mean 100 amp “fused” switch blade? Or is an unfused switch?

If no fuses (or other type of OCPD), the conductor size after the switch would be the limiting (and most likely, determining) factor.

Oh Mr. Pope there you go again…:smiley:

Call it out for at least 2 reasons. 1. There is no way to tell if that is a 20a or a 30a breaker on a #12 conductor. 2. Taps onto the main lug with undersize wire.

If they don’t have the amp rating molded into the handle they are not Square D breakers. They could be some kind of offshore knockoffs. I would like to pull one out and get a better look at it. Square D does make a switch that fits in a QO hole with no O/C protection so this could really be scary.

Those are Square D QO breakers. Just old ones.
They had the amp rating on the side of the handle. Look closely to see if they faded away over the years.