How many can I get under one screw?

This is the most I have seen----9:shock: neutals under one screw. Original 27 year old installation.

Do 174.jpg

Anyone got 10? :shock:

Looks like those wires have paint on them. What about the bus bars. Guts may need replacement:

110.12© Integrity of Electrical Equipment and Connections. Internal parts of electrical equipment, including busbars, wiring terminals, insulators, and other surfaces, shall not be damaged or contaminated by foreign materials such as paint, plaster, cleaners, abrasives, or corrosive residues. There shall be no damaged parts that may adversely affect safe operation or mechanical strength of the equipment such as parts that are broken; bent; cut; or deteriorated by corrosion, chemical action, or overheating.

“A” for effort:)

The number of conductors under one terminal is bad enough, but the paint contamination trumps that, for sure.

Does anyone call out overspray? I’ve called out a really really bad overspray once, because it was coated thick. But is this condition (see pic) a bad enough condition that would warrent repair? Just curious about reasons, issues, etc. not picking a fight. :smiley: