How many check for carbon monoxide

If you do what Tester do you use?


I use NCI’s carbon monoxide alarm. I have this “ON” 24 hours a day. It’s a 0 ppm alarm. They are so sensitive that at times I’ll be sitting in Boston traffic and this alarm activates.

I participated in one of their seminars and they sell these at the seminars.

Thanks David

The reason i was asking i had a customer email thanking me for checking the furnace, i did see a small hole in the heat exchanger and reported to have it checked by a contractor, They did and before the deal closed seller put a new furnace in . I was thinking a tester would be a great tool for those questionable furnaces, i am getting a lot of foreclosures here in the last month And rule of thumb hardly no one gets their furnace serviced here, i had a Realtor even say i never had mine serviced in 10 years I think your reporting service needed is over kill
Same person said the same thing about getting the septic pumped .
I said well just hope when you sell your home i don’t come to inspect it . lol

I use

Snifit Model 50

I wear an Personal CO Alarm as well. That way if there is CO present and the alarm goes off, I was not “testing” but the end result is I can honestly say there is a present problem that needs to be addressed. The sound of the alarm makes an impression. In fact just now my wife who is in another room just asked me what that sound was when I turned it on and it ran the diagnostic check.

I have a Scott / Bacharach Mini SA. This model is a gas detector that you can change modules out for the various types of gases which makes it very flexible. It is an older model but there are comparable systems available.