How Many Defect Do You See?

Old farm houses are the worst. They are built and maintained by old farmers! This picture captures the state of the plumbing system nicely.


This looks to me to be a crawl space and if that is plastic you Can expect mould to be growing in the insulation big time by next spring .
The insulation must be able to breath or moisture is going to condense there see it all the time.
… Cookie

That’s most likely the vapor barrier covering the insulation.

Exactly and it is in the wrong place warm side of the room is where it should be .

I see 5 defects are there more.

Yeah, I noted that in the report.

Let’s see, Wendy mentioned the improper vapor barrier, there is a san-tee in use instead of a combo Y or long radius Y (it is used as a drain, not a vent), the trap arm is not vented, the back-to-back fitting is improperly used to provide a cleanout that points down (a clog waiting to happen, and it does not provide for a long radius connection to the waste pipe), the plumber’s tape hanger is impoper as it does not resist upward thrust. Yep, that’s 5. Anyone see anything else?

Its hard to tell in the picture but it may not have proper slope also.

I would say it’s almost guaranteed to have an improper slope considering the rest of the problems.

I don’t know why Roy deleted his post, but he was the first to point out the problem with vapor barrier, not me. He called out the plastic and I just noted that it was the vapor barrier. I just want to give credit where it’s due.

I’m practicing being popular with RE Agents and don’t see any defects.

Now that Texas has mandatory E&O you’ll be more popular with lawyers. :smiley:

If an inspector is used to seeing correct installations it could be easy to miss these. Yes I know its all crud but the more you work POS homes (poor or substandard) the faster you recognize the problems. These pics are good for a slide show.


Now that Texas has mandatory E&O you’ll be more popular with lawyers. :smiley:

POS homes (poor or substandard) /quote]

Finnally, someone has clarified what POS means, all this time, I really thought it meant Piece of Sh#t. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

I still think it means piece of ****e. :wink:

and should stay that way!!!

I can agree with the plumbing defects mentioned. I see plumbing be held by straps all the time that look just like that one on older built homes. Sorry for my ignorance, please explain the vapor barrier defect. The vapor barrier looks like the stuff they use on mobile homes.

I agree that it would be hard to know if this was a photo of a mobile/ manufactured home -vs- stick/ modular home…

I don’t normally see black drain pipes in anything other then mobile/ manufactured homes around here. That being said, in a mobile/ manufactured home the drain pipes should not be below the vapor barrier.

Am I correct or does others have other experiences? :slight_smile:

Vapor barrier should be against the warm side of the house(living space)

I usually would consider placement of vapor barriers dependent on were the home is. For example, gulf coast usually say no vapor barier is best.