How many defects in this panel???

How many defects can you count in this panel?

The picture is too small to analyze, Buck.

I tried enlarging the photo with photoscape but I lost clarity and had a hard time evaluating.

It did seem that there were several melted/overheated wires at the neutral/ground bar.
The white wires to the GFCI seem wrong as well. Looks like it crosses over the bus bars and improperly attached at the breaker.

I would assume you deferred the panel to a qualified professional.

Do you have a better picture.

Hi Buck,

  • 2 breakers, top and bottom left where the red conductors are, are not on double poles I htink (hard to see).

  • The receptacle should not be mounted on the panel.

  • I do believe its liquid type flexible conduit carrying the feeders, if it is, it’s not in a proper connector, I doubt there’s even an insuliner in there too.

  • The neutral appears to be undersized and the wrapping should have been taken off.

  • Hard for me to see what size of panel it is but if it’s a 200 Amp the ground is undersized. Is that the main ground on the neutral bar?

  • There is a 2 wire conductor at the top left that has a bare ground on the neutral bar. If it’s a neutral it should be insulated. If it’s a ground does this circuit need a neutral? If it needs a neutral where’s the ground?

  • I would have passed the neutral going to the GFCI bellow or above not between the main and top of the breakers.

  • Is that breaker at the bottom just hanging on a wire?

Larry’s right, need a few better pics of this.

I need a Sparky to set things right for me.

Do you always wire your neutrals with the grounds in your panels in the USA?



That is the only photo I have. I did defer. Did you see the HANGING breaker in the lower left corner, it was HOT.

I did find another photo of same panel.

No, I could not tell from the original pic. That is a first time I have seen a breaker just laying in the panel and being Hot. Nice catch!!

Why? I see that all the time done my licensed electricians.

The outlet on the side of panel indicated open netural.

Hi Christopher,

A piece of service entrance equipment is not a place to attach outlets to, directly anyway. I guess it’s ok in the States but not here, it’s just not done. I’ll get my US Sparky license eventually. :wink:

At best I would use a proper plate cover as the plastic can cut someone, it should have been a steel 2020 or 1110 plate cover with rounded edges.


What about all the unprotected wires leaving the box, and the neutrals and grounds under the same screw

Yes with a nipple or conduit. Some of the time the box is actually secured correctly with screws to the wall, backboard, or other proper support. A thru bushing with nut, like the one I’m guessing is there in that photo joining the box to the panel, is not intended to provide proper support or ground for an recepticle box. Was the panel drilled, box secured with nuts and bolts? Also a no no voids warranty, UL listing, and fire rating of panel.

On this one of many defects in the panel photo: Electrical safety hazzard; Improperly wired or defective recepticle (I leave it to the electrician to determine unless the cause is obvious); Improperly installed and supported recepticle box. Reccomend repair by Qualified licensed Electrician.