How many forum members are there?

Just as the title ask.

27,139 have signed up for the forum.

Of course if you get rid of the “students” that are required to post as part of passing an online course, people that are no longer members of NACHI, dozens of Ray Wand identities, those that have passed away, and people that haven’t posted in 5 years, that would reduce the number by who knows how many.

Now if you were to ask about ACTIVE forum users, (those that post once a week or more) probably less than 1000, closer to 500. No way to track those numbers.

I was guessing about 40 active. :slight_smile:

~400 visited in the last 24 hrs. I would wager that the vast majority of those are student visits. The number of new topical posts appears to be in the single digits on many days. There were a total of about 25 non-training posts in the public area of the forum in the last 24 hours (total threads with posts, not new topics)

Participation has dwindled greatly IMO. I attribute it to pollution of the forum with mandatory training posts that are there to make it look like there is more activity than there is. Obviously, nobody reviews them, because I’ve posted some pretty inane crap out there when taking a course and no one has ever said a word. I expect a continued decline of topical posts as long as Nick permits these training posts to flood the new posts query results.

I agree. Plus many are gravitating to the Facebook groups.Even Nick.

I’m here!

Judging by the MOTY poll I would guess just over 100.

well if they get the font any smaller no one will be able to read it anyway…

Excuse me! But, what are you referring to?
What font?

Sarcastic font? :lol:

All the reason Frank want to know how many so the can figure his best expenditure for SEO…
We all know what he most likely is thinkin’ Huh?

Oh snap. Look, it’s at the bottom of the page. I’ll put my SEO somewhere else. :slight_smile:

The stats are posted clearly on the bottom of the main page:

Now what defines an “active user” is set inside the vbullentin software. I want to say the default is like 6 months, but it can easily be changed by an admin.

Though I agree the number of “1 and done” student posts throws the numbers off.

I will check in