How many heat related problems

Can you ID in the IR image one is obvious one is not

2500 Mockingbird PC 7-27-11 032.jpg

Should have left all the markers off the thermogram to see who really pays attention.

I see what you are hinting at and it would have been nice to test that out with ultrasound to hear what those breakers were doing on the inside.

I’ll keep my observations to myself and let everyone else play along. Good find!

Ya did not need ultrasound to hear what the one breaker sounded like could hear if from ten feet away and I am hard of hearing???

  1. I’m assuming the whole main breaker is bad as all the wires coming from it are of significant heat concerns.

  2. The other right breaker showing 180+ degrees is near about cooking.

  3. The whole panel needs to go in the dumpster

The hottest temp on the main breaker was only 120 that was only 16 degrees above ambient so you would consider that as significant temp I think you need to take another look:D:D

Which is more critical, a 200° 200 amp circuit breaker or a 200° 15 amp single pole breaker?

What were the loads recorded, Charley?

R or R the 187 breaker and re-scan. Heat signature (tails off) is very indicative of a bad or loose connection.


Here was the amp draw on the main the 187 was to obvious needs R & R the main breaker was the other concern look how it is wired and what the temps are

2500 Mockingbird PC 7-27-11 039.jpg

2500 Mockingbird PC 7-27-11 037.jpg