How many hots?

Need to know how many hots are permitted in one pipe?
Commercial job.

Thanks in advanced.

Usually no more than necessary. :mrgreen:

Seriously, bro, what gauge, what was the overcurrent ampacity, and what was the size and type of pipe? The number can be from 6 to 1,000, depending on a number of factors.

Sorry 2" pipe and #10 - have not found all ends as of yet going by floor and section.

How long is the raceway (approx) and what size overcurrent protection for these #10’s? What is the raceway type (PCV, EMT, Ridgid, etc)?

Raceway sis rigid. no overcurrent protection as yet. Plans call for 30… unless not reading it correctly. This is a remodel and not all in place yet.

How long is the raceway, approx?

At the longest point 70 ft. That is approx. (60 to 80).

Although, I can follow plans, doesn’t seem that the electrician can. I’ve decided I need help. Bringing in Electrician for backup Mon. The 2" has 11 hots now. Thanks for help, but this is beyond me.

The short answer is in table 310.15(B)(2)(a). You have to derate 21-30 down to 45% of the 90c column rating for THHN if the pipe is more than 2 feet long (18a)

Raceway Fill

Just got back from a truly educational experience. Thanks all, but there is nothing like being there with the electrician. No slam to the BB I just need that physical show and tell.

Thanks Again.

Jack those tables made me feel dumb.
Can you explain what you learned in laymans terms.?

Robert I took notes and will compile and post in the next day.