How many inspections to expect at first ?

As a new home inspector how many should you be expecting the first few months ? I started in March and have completed about 20. Is this at, above or below average ?

Pretty good in my opinion.

You say you started in March, your website says over 8 years in inspection service?

I just started on my own. I’ve been doing commercial for years.

I would say you are way ahead of where I was in my first year of business.

Same here. I year.only did 60 my first

i only did about 20 in my first 6 months

Average is about 60 in the first year so your doing good

Your off to a good start, I only did 89 in my first year…

I’ve only done 15 since I started last July

I’ve done 15 since I started last July

I did just over 50 my first year also so 60 may be about right since all mine were from the website.

That really sucks.:shock:

Just checked your site and you need a few changes.Email ,call or text me if you wish to talk about it.

I did 62 my 1st year. On pace for 100+ my second year.

My average fee is up almost $50 this year compared to last. Didn’t raise my prices. Not as many condo’s this year and doing some larger homes raised my fee.

I think your off to a great start.

That is pretty good IMHO. After getting licensed in May of last year I did about 20 between Memorial Day & Labor Day, before deciding I hated crawl spaces, missed selling used houses and stopped inspecting.

You’re off to a faster pace - Best of luck and good on ya :slight_smile:

Al in TN

That’s awesome Bob. Justin is a great guy… help him however you can.

Thanks Tim

He did. We had a good phone call yesterday. He was very helpful.

Great to hear Justin! Kudo’s go to Bob.

Good talking to you also Justin.
Justin’s site is actually number one for his area but as many of you guys know it is often more than having a good site and a Chicago guy markets different than other areas.

Sometimes it is just the economy and local specialized marketing or politicking.

Thanks for the help Bob.

I am still trying to break into the industry here which runs mostly on realtor referral. Sad to say.