How many layers can you see???

my god it never ceases to amaze me what some people will do… where do you find a contractor that will do something like this??? on a 1/12 to 2/12 pitched dormer at that… he heeeeeeee WOW!!! :shock: I had a closer picture but it was 101 kb and I do not feel like adjusting it more to fit this board… waaaaaaa:roll:

CPI_Roderick_Waterville 005.jpg

Lots of them around. Try the Yellow Pages.

all too true… sad isn’t it…

you may want to check you pitch gauge
this is not a 1/12 or 2/12 anywhere except for the ridge maybe

Barry, I think he’s referring to here:


Hi to all,

Jeff I hope you wrote that up as a trip hazard :wink:



No licencing of contractors in ME, opps, don’t want to start that thread again.

There might not be any licensing in Maine, but I can tell from the picture that Jeff supplied, that from the chimney view, it is two to three feet to short and the pitch is 8/12, the roofing is of double layered, has reached the end of it’s functional life, and the Dormer roof is of 4/12 pitch and the flashing s#cks. What else could they have screwed up??

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Too steep for me to walk even if dry and I has golf shoes on . Roy Cooke

Too steep for me to walk even if dry and I has golf shoes on . Roy Cooke

Roy, back when I was a kid, I would tape up a whole bunch of bottle caps under my feet to get traction on ice and working on a roof. Hey. LOL. It worked, I should have patented it. I would be rich like Jae W. will be right.?? ha. ha.

Hey. the bottle caps worked but the duct tape would have been acceptable back then for this accomplishment.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Marcel… I think it closer to 2/12… but I could be wrong… either way very flat and a lot of roofing… yikes… this is right up on Union street in Waterville.

Barry… the dormer was what I was referring to…

Hey, Marcel…when I get my money I’ll buy you a whole bunch of bottle caps. O.K.??

Jae W. the bottle caps worked great on ice too. ha. ha.

Marcel I’ll take you up on that offer. ha. ha.

At least the valley was visible for inspection :twisted::twisted:


Just a quick note… the seller of this property was so impressed by the results… he hired me to inspect the home he was buying…

quality work pays off!!!