How many licensed home inspectors are in Florida?

Does anyone know how to find up to date numbers on how many licensed home inspectors are in Florida? I would like to use the number when advertising and on my websites but I want to be accurate and be able to say things like as of 11/30/2013 there are …number of licensed home inspectors in Florida.

Call the DBPR and ask them .

Check with the licensing board

8073 have been issued

I searched the site and they would not let the search run for the whole State.


Where did you get the info so I can stay up to date. Thanks to both of you.

7840 Active and inactive HI licenses in FL. The latest license number to date in public records is HI 8073

I don’t know where to get the info Brad mentioned but if you go to DBPRs site and search for inspectors by license number, you can find out the highest license number issued.

Thanks robert, I did not try that :slight_smile:

Robert I tried it but you have would have had to start off guessing until it no longer returned results. I put 10000 and no results so I put 8073 and got the last guy when I typed 8074 no results so I guess that method will work to keep me accurate thank goodness you told me the current number so I know where to start in the future. Thanks.

If anyone knows a quicker or more efficient way please let me know.

The HI list is a .csv file on the DBPR site. I did notice that the 7840 number also includes course providers and larger inspection firms.

Brad using the above method I “believe” it only shows licensed home inspectors?

Isn’t that what you wanted to know? Yes, it only lists completed HI applications, active and inactive (A or I). The missing 233 license numbers would be the applications that never were completed or denied.

Yep it is. I was not complaining. I will just put in that number and keep adding till no results appear when I need an accurate number.

Thanks for the help.

I was hoping for a one click way but no biggie.

Now that you are a CMI, you are held to higher standard…no more cutting corners, lol.

:slight_smile: I really did try before I asked.

I know a few who are inactive on a personal level. They either retired , not what they thought, or moved out of state. So there are so many variables beyond State records. Just FYI

Yeah but hey if I cannot be exact I at least want to base it on something. Better than just guessing :slight_smile:

I would say wait till the next renewal and see the active numbers

Naa I just want an approximate number to go by. I do not think people will expect it to be exact. I plan on using it to say something like just barely over 1% of Florida Home Inspectors are Certified Master Inspectors. I plan on working on my sites this upcoming week as this time of year is typically kind of slow.

I’m 12190 got my license on Aug 21 2019