How many panels in 1 house

I had a large home built in the 40’s and then added on. It had a detached shop and an addition that was connected by a breeze way.
All electrical panels including 2 for the back up generator totaled 14
All were wired improperly. I was about to barf from the frustration. :mad:

Service disconnect was estimated either 300 or 400 amps. The panel was old and not marked or labeled of course.

Anyone had more than 14??

Yes 73 panels:p Commercial Bldg;-)

wow! Are you counting A/C disconnects as panels too?

That matches my record…

there were 3 of those, so 17???:smiley:

If we’re counting “disconnects,” then that would make 19 for as there were 5 systems (3 splits and 2 heat pumps) on the home I inspected.

I remember kicking myself for under pricing this house, thinking there would only be 3 or 4 panels and probably 3 HVAC systems. There were also 6 separate attic spaces and 4 separate crawlspaces.

Original structure was just over 2000 sq ft, with multiple additions increasing the size to nearly 9,000 sq ft. Quite the nightmare…

There are some insurance companies that will not insure a house with multiple added on panels.

There is no NEC limit to the number of “sub panels” but there can’t be no more than 6 service disconnects supplied by one service

In years past I have installed several panels in large houses to limit the amount of voltage drop on circuits

Any particular reason why?

Yes, start to finish was a total of 12 hours for inspection and report. Longest one I have done. You dont expect anything that substantial ever.
I had 3 crawlspaces. One was limited access. If it was wanye he would have never fit. . All had fungus growing in them.

They think that just because there are multiple panels, there is more of a chance there are electrical defects. You got to love actuaries.
In my experience, the actuaries are usually right about the panels. But my area, the most an electrician has to do is take an open book test to get a license. Some areas, just pay your ten dollars to the local authority and they will print you a license out. Sad but true