How many pieces can you use?

I wonder what this person was thinking.

  1. Why is it still leaking?
  2. I knew I’d use all those parts one day.
  3. See this is why I save everything
  4. I heard Home Depot stock was down so I thought I’d help out.
  5. I’ll not let this get the best of me
    6 You mean I only needed an tail piece extension?
  6. I know the home inspector will enjoy this!

Actually, Home Depot stock is doing quite well.:wink:

Well… at least it ain’t no S-Trap!

Reminds me of a roller coaster ride.

Yes they changed CEO’s jumped up to 93.00 now. I can see it hitting 100 by the end of the year.

  1. At least I didn’t use a flex pipe.

I know what you mean…Q-tips aren’t cheap.

Actually many new aspiring homes have trouble with water traps.

I hope that helps the silent members out there.

It’s a G trap (tickle it and you will get a gusher) Oh! that was rude.