How many problems can you spot?

Lets see who’s on the ball! For reference, the floor joists are 2x8’s :stuck_out_tongue: What issues do you see??

Mold, supports, supports not properly attached, supports for pvc and no slope on drains and not sure if any tiger teeth in insulation! ( see a lot of this)

What do I see - A potential Mushroom Factory? The conditions seem right :wink:

Al (nice, well designed lally columns and footers eh?) in TN

Beam is wet in the first picture from what I can tell.
Second picture the Beam looks cut after the jack.

Pretty normal for this area lolol. Just kidding Grasshopper. Your picky. you not from around here are ya lololol.

The beams are wet, along with the insulation. Do you know why?? Here is another hint. How tall is a standard concrete block. This should give a little more insight on the whole issue. And the jacks and beams were jim bob’s repair on a sinking floor in multiple locations. I stopped counting at 20 poorly added braces