How Many Problems do YOU Count

I just conducted an inspection in a remote part of Alaska where no one enforces building codes. The seller assures me that these types of things are normal for around there, and that the electrician has been by a couple of times.

How many discrepancies do you count?




Hmm. Did something wrong. It has me as a non-member… Let’s see if this works.

Other than the comical 120v wiring which is obvious I don’t see much else.

If an electrician saw that “wire ends stuck in a receptacle”, and didin’t say anything about it, he should be slapped.
I don’t care if this is on the North Pole. They could have come up with a safer violation than that.

What is up with the junction boxes being mounted to the water pipes? Well I guess it would simply be a pain in the *** to install them in the wall and to use UL moisture rated conduit.:roll:

=D>Instead of simply connecting the wiring directly to the screw terminals of the receptacle like everyone else, just “plug” the wires directly into the outlet terminals!:|.)

I like the exposed aluminum splicing. I’ll love it if it services a high amperage application.

If you mean those aluminum boxes on the pipes themselves, they are zone valves. The are a low-voltage electrically controlled mortoized valves switched by the room thermostats.


Where do I begin?

Water heater electric right… I hope… How do you get to the elements?
TPR valve not installed correctly,
Wiring… t…Ugh…Romex in the receptical and those …connections
W/H can’t tell where the TPR drains to.

Is that a multi-zone hot water heating system?
Wire everywhere outside of J boxes,
I need to return to the pics to refresh my memory…

Ok I am back,
Wood buring furance boiler or something like it??
Can quite tell from the pics, What is the deal with all that stuff on top? Loose controller
Water softener, filter ( not saying it’s a problem but that must indicate water quality issues…
Water pressure vessel is either leaking or was leaking…
Looks like some leaking on top of the water heater too… Is that sealant “goo” all over the top of the w/h?

That’s a start…

Fun stuf eh?

The brown unit is a wood fired boiler. The exposed terminal is the 120V side of a transformer for a zone valve that opens when the wood boiler is up to temp. Yikes!

The valves on the back are the zone valves for the baseboard heaters. The yellow wires with all the wire nuts are 28V circuits going to the zone valves. The wire plugged into the outlet is connected to the transformer that supplies power for the circulating pump and the 28V for the zone valves.

The big tank is actually a hot water heat exchanger storage tank. There are no elements in it. Just a coil that is connected to the boiler. But the TPR valve has no extension on it. Now, would it ever get hot enought to lift it? I don’t know. But if it has a TPR valve, I think it needs an extension!

I had the water tested. No results from the lab yet, but is is from a sand point and has a lot of iron in it.

The stuff on top of the wood boiler is a replacement zone valve that hasn’t been installed yet.

Fun Stuff!

Arggggg, I had a brain fart there. The fact that all the zone pipes had a box in the same position should have been a dead giveaway.](*,):cry: