How many things

How many things do you see?

I see a minimum of 30 separate and distinct “things”.
What did you have in mind?


Don’t be a smart ass. For people wanting to test their knowledge.

Then perhaps you should ask a properly worded question.


Negative slope, wrong elbow on the p trap, and a vent elbow at the other end as it goes down, and tailpiece on the negative span is facing wrong direction…
Should be hard piped from the ptrap elbow over.

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Apparently, this is plumbing Trivia. But I always feel like it is actually an inspector trying to get someone else to find their defects.

So, I always point out the most important…missing escutcheons.


You got it, I was going to say the barcode was left on the extension tailpiece. You’re good!


What kind of slob doesn’t cut off the tag end of the zip tie?


That’s funny coming from you :wink:

Ha. There’s really not much for me to “learn” here. Everything in the photo is pretty easily encountered in the IRC or UPC or industry best practices. Was just trying to have fun. I enjoy this forum, but I can certainly see why many of the newer members would be turned off. These are some quite rude responses.

My answer was appropriate for the question asked.

Just messing with ya man

And you’ll likely never know if I am also, being a smartass and all!! :wink:

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You know we’ve met multiple times in person right?

In fact, I’ve been thinking I should nominate you for Secretary, except I don’t trust you with Chapter funds!!

Or am I…?

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Haha! What funds?

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True. Jerry does disappear every year for a month or two!

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Well at least the dishwasher drain forms a high loop before going into the sink drain. 80% of the time that never happens.


Well clearly it’s the fire extinguisher!


Well, It is obvious that a professional plumber did not do the work.

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